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Legal service of general partners’ meetings and general shareholders’ meetings:
  • Update of the book of shares and preparing the list of shareholders authorized to participate in a general shareholders’ meeting, also under the regulations on public trade of securities (verification of the preferential shares and shares with limited rights, utilization and right of pledge on shares),
  • Preparing the session agenda,
  • Preparing the contents of an announcement and the contents of invitations for the partners as well as for shareholders holding registered shares,
  • Summoning a partners’ meeting or a general shareholders’ meeting by the relevant authorities of a company (the Management Board, the Supervisory Board) or by the shareholders, or by way of a court authorization,
  • Preparing the documents (e.g. drafts of agreements requiring approval of the general partners’ meeting or the general shareholders’ meeting to be entered into, reports on the company’s operations, reports of the Supervisory Board),
  • Preparing drafts of the general partners’ meeting or the general shareholders’ meeting resolutions, including preparing the detailed proposals for amendments to the memorandum or articles of association,
  • Supervision of the procedure for redemption of shares under art. 416-417 of the commercial companies code,
  • Acting as an attorney-in-fact of a partner (shareholder), holding the power of attorney,
  • Preparing announcements pertaining to the resolutions requiring publication (e.g. issuing a notice to the creditors to file their objections in the proceedings of reducing the share capital),
  • Preparing a unified text of memorandum or articles of association containing any amendments made by the resolutions,
  • Preparing motions to the National Court Register to record the amendments made by the resolutions,
  • Acting in court litigation for rescission or annulment of a resolution.

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