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The Law Firm offers opportunities of professional development to the lawyers who intend to gain experience and improve their practical skills. In our opinion, we are a special place – being a law firm standing out not only for a high professional level, but also for our special organizational culture and the atmosphere of work which is friendly to professional development.

A professional career in our Law Firm begins with a trainee position. After a while, based on the performance reviews done by the Law Firm Manager with participation of the remaining lawyer team members, an employee may be promoted to the position of a lawyer – a legal advisor assistant. The subsequent stage of career is promotion to the position of a legal advisor (solicitor) apprentice, and after this – to the position of an associate legal advisor or an associate solicitor. In this case, it is necessary to possess the legal advisor or solicitor authorizations.

For this reason, the Law Firm is looking for ambitious and committed, talented persons, setting themselves high standards and focused on their development. Working with us is an opportunity to meet one’s professional and life ambitions. We put special emphasis to foreign language skills, which is a must for our lawyers.

Persons interested in working for the Adam Daraż Law Firm are required to submit their resume and a cover letter to the following address:

Kancelaria Adwokacka Adwokat Adam Daraż
ul. Chrobrego 12/4
58-300 Wałbrzych

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