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The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal service of:
  • off-court dispute resolution, with utilization of negotiation and mediation;
  • preparing agreements;
  • representing clients in court and in off-court cases.
We focus on: We take efforts to ensure that our clients are always very well familiar with the laws and regulations. We make sure it does take place by:
  • providing legal information – each of our clients is kept informed on the key amendments to the binding regulations on an ongoing basis, in the written form of newsletters. We prepare updates of the regulations which are of key importance to entrepreneurs, employers and taxpayers. Our clients are thus able to become familiar with any amendments to the binding regulations in this way, without having to review piles of magazines and journals of law;

  • providing consultations to Customers – we organize training sessions for managers and owners of businesses on the subject-matter concerning the legal aspects of running a company;

  • monitoring – for the companies we commence to cooperate with, we deliver the so-called legal monitoring of the company, i.e. a formal and legal analysis, as well as an overviews and analysis of any agreements, arrangements, contracts the client has entered into before.

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