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Commercial law companies:
  • Negotiating and preparing drafts of memorandum (articles) of association of commercial law companies and supervising company formation (the Law Firm cooperates with a Notary Office to prepare the necessary documents required to form a company as well as to prepare other documents needed to register a company), collecting the documents and preparing applications for registering a company with the National Court Register, and also acting on behalf of the client in the company registration proceedings as the client’s attorney-in-fact holding the power of attorney,
  • Preparing and arranging publication of the announcements the companies are bound to issue under the binding regulations,
  • Preparing and supervising the company merger proceedings, including the proceedings conducted before the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (Polish UOKiK),
  • Legal actions undertaken between a company and members of its management bodies,
  • Preparing and providing legal assistance to general partners’ meetings and general shareholders’ meetings (preparing a session agenda, drafts of resolutions, announcements and invitations, preparing the list of members authorized to participate in a general meeting together with specifying the number of votes allowed, keeping the meeting minutes book, participating in a general meeting and providing an ongoing advisory support in the issues discussed under the agenda),
  • Legal assistance provided to a company’s Management Board meetings and its Supervisory Board meetings,
  • Preparing bylaws of a company’s operation and bylaws of its management bodies,
  • Amendments to memorandum (articles) of association of a company:
    • Increasing a company’s capital, including preparation of issuance of shares to a strategic investor together with negotiation of the shareholders’ agreements, preparing and supervising the procedure of subscription and allotment of shares,
    • Reduction of capital (voluntary and compulsory redemption of stock and shares),
    • Registration of any amendments and changes
  • Issuance of bonds by companies,
  • Taxation of the companies’ income and of the company partners’ (shareholders’) income from participation in the company.
The subject matter of capital groups
  • Remuneration and other benefits in favour of members of a company and taxation of this remuneration,
  • Merger, division and transformation of companies,
  • Analysis of the subject matter related to the Act of the Competition and Consumer Protection – the issue of the allowed concentration of businesses and agreements between entrepreneurs. Representation in proceedings before the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (Polish UOKiK),
  • Preparing the documents related to the company dissolution and winding up of a company as well as supervision over these proceedings,

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